Door Signs and Nameplates – a Signage Guide

Door signs and nameplates are often overlooked in a new build or company revamp, often considered a small detail that is left to the last minute to sort out. However careful planning early on in the project can help you avoid costly mistakes.

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Internal office door signs can be customised with your logo or company fonts. They create a unified design throughout the whole building and help reinforce your company or brand values. Stocksigns can offer you a huge variety of internal door signs in materials including engraved wooden or metal signs such as brass, plastics, glass and layered effects, many have matching interior panels, signposts and external signs, contact us to discuss your ideas, and how we can guide you towards the best solution for your building. There are so many off the shelf and custom made door signs designs to choose from by asking yourself some simple questions at the start you can make sure you choose the right scheme for you.

Here are some factors to think about when choosing your customised internal door signs:

  • Corporate Values – What sort of image do you want to project?
  • Uniformity – Do you want the same look throughout your building?
  • Environment – Do your signs need to stand up to a lot of wear and tear?
  • Flexibility – Do you need to change the names on yours doors frequently?
  • Cost – Stocksigns can help you find the signs to fit your budget and show you how to mix and match with stock signs.
  • Accessibility – Do you want to consider any special needs of your customers or staff?

Office Door Sign

For More information see our more in depth Door sign and name plate guide

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Getting the best from your Noticeboards.

Here are some factors to think about when choosing your External customised Notice Boards.

Tips on choosing the right noticeboard for you.

  • Where is your noticeboard to be displayed? We can provide noticeboards and display cases that are sympathetic to your environment, or offer advice on the levels of weather or vandal protection your external notice boards may require.
  • What information are you going to display? Is the information permanent or require updating regularly. We offer notice boards with fabric covered pin boards which are also velcro friendly, magnetic or fixed permanent display. Locking notice boards give flexibility and security. These can also be simple tamper proof snap frames / clip poster frames that allow very quick access to update your display.
  • When will the information be viewed? Illumination can be incorporated extending optimum viewing conditions. Lighting increases the functionality of your sign or noticeboard, not only making viewing easier, but adding to the aesthetics of your display.

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Planning Your Wayfinding Signage & Sign Directories

Here are some factors to think about when choosing your External customised Sign Directories and Way Finding Signage Systems.

  • When Planning your custom made signs or way finding scheme it is best to physically walk the route, obstructions such as trees and other signage are often not marked on flat plans.
  • If possible get someone who is not familiar with the area to help. Their unfamiliarity will ensure your signs are placed in exactly the right place to make navigation easy.
  • A sign site survey from Stocksigns becomes invaluable in these situations.

Sign Directories

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New Air Horn Safety Signs from Stocksigns – ideal for remote areas.

Stocksigns has developed a new safety sign incorporating a Gas Horn.  Gas horns are ideal fire alarm device’s where a conventional fire alarm system is inappropriate. For example, building sites, concrete plants, quarries, workshops and temporary buildings. They are suitable for internal and external use. The Air horn sign enables you to spot missing safety equipment at a glance. For more information email

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DDA Signage Solutions for Surface Rail

Stocksigns have produced an A5 reference guide to assist you with understanding the type of way finding needed for the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) and SFA (Step Free Access) improvement schemes.

Network Rail have undertaken a comprehensive program to improve many managed station facilities. Under the Disabled Peoples Protection Policy (DPPP), access to platforms is being improved. This usually means the provision of a new footbridge with lifts or when possible, lift towers developed next to an existing footbridge giving a step free route between platforms.

Although rail signage schemes are sponsored by Network Rail in most cases the signage should be complementary to what is in existence on the station. Station signage is usually specific to individual operators. Most train operators have their own typeface, colour scheme, and corporate identity that specifies what is required.

At Stocksigns we understand the signage requirements for these projects supplying DDA compliant signs in a train operator’s correct branding. Stocksigns have the knowledge that not only allows us to offer a compliant signage package but will offer it in a design that uses the correct identity. Our signs can bear directions, warnings, names, and advertising to help guide customers on their journey.

The Stocksigns DDA Signage Solutions guide has been designed as an easy reference tool depicting the various generic sign types and their applications.

For more information or to pre-order a copy email alternative DDA Signage Solutions for Surface Rail on line.